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FTP 寄存服務 1. You can speedy upload and download your files any time any where.

2. Share your files, photo etc.

3. Backup the important files.

4. FTP hosting service can storage unlimited size of the file, so you can use it to send or receive the large files to your local and oversea client.  The server support all the operating system, no need to install extra software.  Easy to operate.

5. Support own domain name e.g.

6. Password protect you file.

7. Internet upload and download document.

8. Transfer and share huge files

Many printing, design, films, output, manufacturer, trading company use it to transfer or backup their files.

Service Plan FTP1G
  1GB FTP Hosting
3GB FTP Hosting 5GB FTP Hosting
10GB FTP Hosting  
fileFTP Space(GB) 1 3
diskFTP Accounts 5 10 20 30  
Setup fee
Waived Waived Waived Waived  
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Monthly (HK$) 16 28 46 88  
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