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About Us
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DotCom.HK is branded under IT-HK, which has been established many years in Hong Kong by international approval professional qualification computer and network experts. We continuously devote the scientific research on high speed stability and specialized technology to support our customers. Our company provides customers a stable and high speed web hosting service by high quality network technology,equipments, software and hardware support.

Our company servers are hosted in PRC including Hong Kong SAR and many other mainland provinces, we can provide 99.9% uptime online guaranteed, Hong Kong China email services guaranteed, 24 hours networks and security supervises, 24x7 network support inquiry, as well as highly secured system. It is because of the remarkable merits, in a short several years, our company have over 2,000 customers including small to large enterprises, production lines, associations and professional services from Hong Kong, China and foreign countries.

DotCom.HK massively invested in assets, technology, manpower and scientific research successfully develops a series of advance and stable innovations which have launched the new page for the field.


Achievements in scientific research - 1: services -'s virtual dedicated server, servers for VDS clients created the beginning of matter again, we successfully developed the brand new VDS system, and removed all VDS system shortcomings throughout the history in order to launch the new era. Clients are served with dedicated server progression with value price, regardless of the performance, the function and control so on the aspects of all the general hosting services.


Achievements in scientific research - 2: 100% anti-virus service – we were the first provider in 2004 to provide 100% anti-virus service or money back guarantee.

indent1 Achievements in scientific research - 3: The entire IDS server line defense - most of the hosting company do not setup a effective network security protocol for their clients, it causes the client website to connect in a non-safeguard situation because the servers and the user data are under extremely dangerous condition. Even if those providers had installed the security device to safeguard their clients’ data, the firewall protection are still not ideal. DotCom.HK researches and develops the high reliability new IDS defense mechanism, which can analyze foreign and local data transfer, and consequently automatically learn how to defense against the invasion and provide the non-general safety control for our client's data.

Achievements in scientific research - 4: The store/forum and so on enters the age of Virtual Dedicated Server- to take the specialized Virtual dedicated server to various users, VDS is no longer the IT talented person's patent. The stable multi-purpose of VDS Server not only can widen the forum / photo album field of vision, but also install the diverse different application voluntarily.

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