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Only a few minutes to build an Virtual Dedicated Online Store very easy, without any web programing skill, support real time update products.
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VDS Online Store
VDS Online Store IDS Firewall Anti Virus Spam VDS Server
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Virtual Dedicated Online Store Virtual Dedicated Online Store VDS-Shop
Monthly charge (HK) $376 Sale $188
Hardware Firewall Waived
Intrusion Detection System Waived
fileStorage space (GB) 10
Setup fee Waived
Templates More than 250 templates*
Real time product update
Membership system
Support member login
Member news system
Online shopping cart system
Discount system
Online payment system
Support Visa, Master, AE, Discover...
Order system
Inventory system
Product catalog system
Product category
Shipping charge system
Online product search
Online enquiry form
Product / Product category Unlimited
Setup fee
Order / Image Unlimited
Website control panel
Email control panel
Domain name registration
Language Support English / Traditional chinese / Simplified chinese (Please call for inquiries the other languages)
Support currency
Support multi currency, the exchange rate can be adjustable
Import / Export Excel file format
24 hrs tech. support Waived
diskFTP Server
Credit card payment gateway
Support programs
Support write various programs,such as CGI,Perl,C,C++,shell script,batch...
Anti virus and spam email filter
DNS server
email rule
Email address
Bandwidth Unlimited
phoneMobile mail (Wapmail)
Multi language webmail
RAID Mirror data protection
Web statistics
Real time web statistics report
Website script program
Server Side Includes
Dedicated MySQL database server
light99.9% online
Daily backup
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
Cluster Server
24 hrs server monitor
Spare server

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