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Free Web 2.0 PC 100 pcs, double storage space
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Satellite World Map Word Processor Web Browse, Web Bookmark

DotCom.HK is the only web hosting company offers you a free web 2.0 web PC.

Web PC 2.0 is your private moblie computer, you can enjoy most applications from your personal computer in anywhere and anytime. If you Sign up for our web hosting package, you can immediately experience the excellent function of the Web 2.0 PC, uls double the hosting storage space. Please sign up now.

Web 2.0 Web PC function:
1. Word Processor.
2. Web Document, Web Disk.
3. Web Browse.
4. ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, AOL, Jabber, IRC Chart Instant Messenger.
5. MP3 Player.
6. Satellite World Map.
7. Calendar.
8. Blog.
9. Private Multi Language Webmail Server.
10. Web PDF.
11. RSS Reader.
11. Contact List.
12. Web Bookmark.
13. Web Document Encryption System.
14. Web Painter.
15. Calculator.

System Requirement

Computer or Mobile Phone

Computer Requirement:
Operating System: OS Independent. (Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Sun Solaris, AX400, OS/2, Linux, Unix, etc.)
80586 CPU or above.
64MB Ram or above.
40MB Hard Drive Free Space or above.
Broadband Internet Connection Ready.

Mobile Phone Requirement:
Any web browser compatible mobile phone with internet connection.

ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, AOL, Jabber, IRC Chart Instant Messenger.
YouTube Movie Search
Webmail Server Web Disk Calendar MP3 Player Contact List RSS Reader
Private Multi Language Webmail Server Web Disk, Calendar, MP3 Player
Contact List, RSS Reader

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